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Are you a trainer, coach or consultant?
Tired of working alone, isolated and curious to meet like-minded professionals?
Or are you on your way to become one and need inspiration from experienced trainers?

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Join us for food and drinks at the annual event to learn how you can benefit from the community, contribute to it and meet like-minded trainers, coaches and consultants.


Our community has existed for over 1,5 years now. We’ve had wonderful events on the topics like Naming the price you’re worth, Personal Branding, Client Acquisition, Pitching your ideas as well as special events like F@ck up Nights for trainers. We’ve helped you find clients and connected you with your business partners. We won the award ‘the best Meetup in Europe’ and were invited to share the success story in at Meetup HQ.

It’s been more than a Meetup group, it’s been a family, strong community that unites like-minded people who support each other.
And we are taking it to a different level..

Future Plans:
– Special discounts for our members
– Short and Long-term project offers
– Webinars, Mastermind groups and train-the-trainer workshops
– A place to find mentors, mentees and accountability buddies
– Hire a co-trainer or facilitator
– Get feedback from experts about your training technique, style & content

Launching the website soon!

The event is proudly supported by TAM Akademie- the oldest trainer academy in Germany that offers various train-the trainer and leadership courses and elopage, a fantastic platform for trainers to sell digital products, memberships, tickets and software. Check them out!

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