Event description

Join us for a live Snowflake demo to see the only data warehouse built for the cloud in action. A Snowflake product expert will answer all your questions. You’ll also learn how Snowflake has revolutionized data warehousing with:

– Zero management: Built-in performance and security
– Instant elasticity: all your users
– A single repository: structured and semi-structured data
– ANSI-standard SQL: keep your existing tools
– Pay by the second usage: Scale storage separate from compute
– Modern data sharing: Secure, governed and in real time

Live product demo includes:

– Experiencing Snowflake’s intuitive user interface
– Easily creating databases and compute nodes
– Loading data via various methods
– Running queries in Snowflake
– Natively storing and querying semi-structured data
– Connecting to BI/ETL tools
…and a whole lot more

We look forward to seeing you online.

Please select the date you’d like to register for from the drop down on the form: https://www.snowflake.com/webinar/snowflake-livedemo/



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