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[Online Webinar using Zoom Platform]

Let’s discuss the following challenges in becoming an #innovative team and brainstorm some feasbile solutions to sprout opportunities out of these challenges:

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Overview Challenges:

  • lack of diversity

  • lack of collaboration

  • missing innovative strategy

  • lack of empowerment to innovate

“Operations” Obstacles: 

  • Capital Constraints

  • Technical Feasibility

  • Legal Review

  • Management Indecision

Who is this for? 

  • Entrepreneurs: Solo Rider

  • Founder teams: CXOs

  • Designers: UX/UI Designers, Product Managers

  • Builders: Engineers/Devs

  • Freelancers: Self-employed one-business Boss

  • Consultants: Self-employed mentors/Coaches

  • Available Slots: 25 

Who am I?

In one word: multi-disciplinary. 

  • Author of “Gamified Psychosphere” (to be available on Amazon books, Google Books mid-2019)

  • Co-founder (CXO) of TechVerse Coworking Space, Rabat City, Morocco – the first tech-oriented coworking space in the kingdom.

  • Chief Software Architect of Sutures App – Gamified Gastro-intestinal e-Surgery Simulator (Check it out!)

  • Chief Design Thinker / mHealth Architect of Sinclair’s School of Nursing – HEAR App.

  • Research Fellow at University of Missouri’s Center for Biomedical Informatics – Patient-centered Decision Support Precision Medicine Technologies

  • Industrial Background in Mobile Health App Development, Agile Deployment, Gamification, Data Science and Analytics, IoT controlled Systems, Operational Management, Business Administration (Focus on Early-Stage Startups), etc. 

  • Engineering Diploma in Manufacturing Engineering and Management with Specialization in Biomedical Engineering

  • Advanced Degree (MS.HI, PhD (ongoing)) in Health Informatics

How to get in touch?

Tweet me: @shekatanai

Contact me: kat@trybecare.com

BLOG: www.katanai.co



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