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At CloudxLab, we have a free Live Webinar on Big Data with Scala & Spark. It is an online webinar & we will provide the joining link one day before the session. 

There are a few limited seats available, thus sign up here to confirm your seat. 

Here’s what you’ll learn

1. What is Big Data & why is it important 
2. Big Data – examples and applications
3. Understanding the Spark architecture
4. Overview of Scala Programming Language
5. Hands-on demo on a cloud-based real-time cluster

This webinar is the first and only free session of the complete course on Big Data with Spark & Scala. To know more about the course, please visit here

For any queries, write to us:

Kelly Thomas, Business Development Manager

Email: reachus@cloudxlab.com

Ph: +1 (412) 568-3901




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